Mission Statement Hot to Globe Trot’s mission is to connect travelers to their destination through physical activity, cultural exchange, and interaction with the environment for a richer travel experience. I have a passion for outdoor recreation and seek out opportunities everywhere I travel. I’m committed to sustainable tourism that helps protect the natural and cultural environment and benefits local communities. About Angie Sipe, adventure travelAbout Angie Sipe I caught the travel bug at a young age when I moved from Seattle to Alaska. I even joined the Army so I could get stationed in Germany and travel all over Europe! I'm passionate about experiencing each destination to its fullest extent. I bring that passion when I build custom itineraries that allow each traveler to come away with memories of a lifetime. I believe that adventure, or active travel, lets us see and experience a destination far beyond just "sightseeing". As an avid hiker I especially love destinations where I can get out and see the surrounding countryside and beauty. From landing on a glacier and dog sledding in Alaska, to multi-day treks in New Zealand and sailing in Indonesia, I have your next adventure waiting. I am a certified Anchorage Wild Expert (AWE) and an Alaska Certified Expert through the Alaska Travel Trade Association. I’m also a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

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